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Every interested citizen is eligible for a free membership in Citizens for Affordable Energy simply by registering on the CFAE website. Please register as an individual or as a family. Your curiosity and engagement to help create our energy future is your gift and your reward. Please utilize the website to learn, blog, link, question and comment. From CFAE’s perspective the website will always be a non-political, pragmatic source of information and engagement among citizens. This is to protect our 501(c)(3), not-for-profit status. Even if some citizens express political views on the website, remember CFAE’s purpose and objective is information and education, predicated upon fact. Your membership may also present to you the opportunity to join a local chapter and become a volunteer in your community. Members will also receive periodic updates on the progress CFAE is making.


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Advisory Group Member

For an annual membership fee of $500.00 any citizen can become part of a select group of CFAE advisors. As an advisor you are invited to be a part of shaping our energy future and will have the periodic opportunity to engage directly with CFAE Founder and CEO, John Hofmeister, by phone, email or teleconference. Whether your interest is a particular area of energy supply, technology for efficiency, environmental protection or energy infrastructure, or a combination of any of these critical topics, you will have access to John and other Advisory Group Members for discussion, debate, advice, and opportunities to meet in local or regional settings for no additional fees. As the CFAE efforts to educate and help shape a national dialogue and set of solutions for the nation’s energy future go forward, you can be one of the architects and/or contributors to what we will propose to elected and appointed officials at local, state and national levels.


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Corporate Sponsor

Individuals, Companies, Foundations, Partnerships and Institutions may become corporate sponsoring members with one time contributions in a range of $5,000.00 to $50,000.00. As a sponsor you will receive ongoing information about our progress and have your name identified as a supporter of education efforts for citizens in your geographic location, region or across the nation. You will be invited to periodic telephone briefings and have opportunity to raise issues, questions and to participate in active dialogue with CFAE management and other Corporate Sponsors.


For more information email us at or call us at (713) 523-7333.


Founding Sponsor

Companies, Foundations, Partnerships and Institutions may become founding sponsors with one time contributions of $100,000.00, or more. As a founding sponsor you are invited to appoint an executive of your firm to the CFAE Board of Counselors and to participate in periodic board meetings. Board of Counselors members meet one another telephonically and/or in person and directly contribute to the ongoing efforts by CFAE to shape the education efforts of the organization. An additional benefit is the opportunity to be recognized by placing your corporate logo on our website and future CFAE energy games. In addition, a founding sponsor may request a periodic visit, consultation or address to your management by our Founder and CEO, John Hofmeister.


For more information email us at or call us at (713) 523-7333.



All monies collected are to be used to support the website, energy game, and other educational development.


For questions on any of our memberships email us at or call us at (713) 523-7333

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