There are many ways to promote and assist Citizens for Affordable Energy. If you can think of a specific way that your talents can benefit our cause we would love to hear from you! Here are the most common ways we need help.


1. Start a Local Chapter

Starting a local chapter of Citizens for Affordable Energy is an exciting way to develop your interest in energy! You will be our representative in your area and your chapter will reflect on the national organization.


For further information and to get started, please contact us at


2. Submit Articles of Interest

Submit articles on all kinds of energy for us to use as content on our new site.


Please submit your article link suggestions to us at


3. Speak to Classes and Groups of All Kinds

We will supply you with talking points and a presentation template to help educate kids, young adults and associates.


4. Blog on Facebook and Twitter

Inform your friends and followers about CFAE on Facebook and Twitter! Our list is growing daily!


5. Spread news about our game Super Energy Apocalypse

Use our fun game to get kids excited about affordable energy choices.


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